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Published on: 18/11/2016

IRC Ethiopia commissioned photographer Petterik Wiggers to take photos about Self-supply to illustrate guidelines being prepared for the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy. Petterik lives and works from Addis Ababa.

All photos by Petterik Wiggers (Panos Pictures) and taken in December 2013.

Metike Dejene is 15 years of age and attends high school. She is doing her homework and takes care of the house while her mother is working on the land. The family have five children.

Metike's father installed a rope pump many years ago, but unfortunately the rope had broken the day before. The family uses the pump mainly for drinking water and at home. For irrigation of false banana the family is using rain water and water from another nearby well.

Saouda Momahmed, 12 years of age, fetches water for her family every day when she is not going to school. She also uses it to water the trees in the garden, including the orange tree. According to the family, the water is clean for drinking and preparing food. And the coffee!

Saouda is preparing water for coffee and the traditional, cultural coffee ceremony.

Fatimo, 12 years of age, is running home after school through irrigated fields near Ziway. Water to irrigate the fields is pumped up from wells using diesel pumps.

This well near Ziway is widened so that a diesel pump can be installed for irrigation.

Medannet is 20 years old and married. She collects water for her family from different sources.

Medannet's neighbour has a rope pump which she can use freely just like other people. Her family uses the water for their household needs and not for the farm. If there is no water there, she collects water from a spring. That water source is polluted and not good for drinking.

For the cows, Medannet fetches water from an open well.

Makethewe is pumping water using her family's rope pump. Her father, Tadesse, bought the pump with the help a small loan that he paid back within 6 months.

Lots of people come and visit Tadesse's farm to see his rope pump and crops.

Local government staff discussing how families can be supported to develop and improve their own water supplies through awareness raising, better access to affordable technology and credit.



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