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Latrine designs without limits. Collected by WEDC supported by SANDEC

Published on: 14/08/2014

A nice collection of contemporary latrine designs with a high chance of low application for rural and urban context in the South. 

A collection of contemporary toilet designs. EOOS and WEDC. 2014The creativity of designers is great, and sure these models will be built and used somewhere. But, I doubt if any of the options, presented in 'A Collection of Contemporary Toilet Designs' book would get a high score when the Technology Applicability Framework (the TAF, developed by WASHTech) would be used on them for a rural or small town context in Africa.

Luckily, there are latrine designers like Dr. Peter Morgan, who know the African physical and socio-economic context; his Arborloo (single pit) or Fossa Alterna (double pit composting) latrine will certainly pass the potential benchmark for many given contexts. These latrines make compost instead of sludge.

For more information on TAF and an interesting factsheet on toilets that make compost - check out the links below.

Zimbabwe. Photo by Peter Morgan.


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