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The journey visualised

Published on: 14/03/2014

Interpreting project monitoring reports looks set to become easier with a new dashboard developed for the Triple-S project.

Ploughing through project monitoring reports can be overwhelming and tedious. And what doesInter all the data mean? What are the hotspots where immediate action is needed?

A new monitoring dashboard developed for the Triple-S project simplifies access to data that the project has been generating. It consolidates information and represents it in a way that rapidly reveals trends. By clicking through the dashboard, you can gain increasing detail on project costs and outputs, outcomes and progress towards a 'service delivery approach', ie water services for all, forever.

Triple-S, short for Sustainable Services at Scale, is an initiative led by IRC to address the growing problem of sustainability of rural water supplies.The project is working in Ghana and Uganda.

In Ghana, the project team works with the Community Water and Sanitation Agency and local governments to diagnose the underlying causes of failure of water systems and generate alternative solutions together.

In Uganda, a consortium of partners is spearheading Triple-S. They include: Ministry of Water and Environment Network for Water and Sanitation (NETWAS) Uganda Water and Sanitation NGO Network (UWASNET), SNV Netherlands Development Organisation Uganda and IRC.

The Triple-S monitoring dashboard is still very much 'work in progress' but already a rich source of information and inspiration on how to visualise change. The beta version is available online and data are currently being added.

The dashboard is a useful tool for several purposes:

  • assisting in effective program management
  • making the project more accountable to sector stakeholders and funders
  • informing discussions about progress (or less) in moving away from one-off projects that focus on construction of pipes and pumps, towards water services that last.


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