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Published on: 23/06/2014

The letter, that was also signed by IRC, urges the Open Working Group to take into account the results of the wide consultation that took place over the last two years led by WHO/UNICEF and supported by a wide range of organisations. IRC and WaterAid led the water working group. The proposal is available in the download section below.

The dedicated focus of the Open Working Group (OWG) on water and sanitation is applauded (the latest document available here). However, translating this vision into action – and this action into lasting progress – will require a global framework that is comprehensive and practical, and has clear means of implementation at a global and local level. Therefore this letter is a call to action for the relevance of well-defined targets and indicators based on the largest and longest consultation process in the sector.

Developed in consultation with over 80 WASH sector experts, agencies and governments and informed by learnings from the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) period, the proposal which started in 2012, addresses the shortcomings of existing targets and, in doing so, tackles the unfinished business of the MDGs while also striving far beyond: to a future of universal access to WASH. 

In the download below is a copy of this letter for you to read. The proposed targets by 2030 are:  

  • to eliminate open defecation 
  • to achieve universal access to basic drinking water, sanitation and hygiene for households, schools and health facilities 
  • to halve the proportion of the population without access at home to safely managed drinking water and sanitation services 
  • to progressively eliminate inequalities in access


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