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Published on: 23/11/2020

Oh what NOW? Is now a bad time?

Everytime is a bad time in 2020. What do you want? Well, I was coming to remind you that #GivingTuesday is happening soon.

Uh. Is this another lockdown thing. I can’t give up anything else. I’m already down to my last two vices! Okaaay, too much information there, but no, its not a lock-down thing.

Thank god. What is it then? Wow, you really do have a bad memory don’t you? We talked about this last year, don’t you remember?

What can I say, it’s been both a busy and non-busy year at the same time.  True. Well, #GivingTuesday…

A hashtag? Really!? Yes, it’s important, I’ll come back to why later.

Please continue. Thank you. So, as I was saying, as a reminder for those with bad memories, #GivingTuesday happens the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

It’s starting to come back to me, I was in the middle of my Christmas shopping when we were talking about this last year and a bit grumpy. Some things don’t change then... Anyway, #GivingTuesday is meant to be the antidote to all that shopping. It’s a moment to think and reflect about others and perhaps donate to causes that resonate with you – with time or money before you get all grumpy again.

I can’t help it! Grumpy is my default setting, and this year hasn’t helped with its non-stop parade of bad news. Well #GivingTuesday is the antidote to that! It’s a day of positive action and helping others.

There’s been a lot of that this year too… Well, grumpy, now there’s more.

Sigh.   …?

Moving on then, I thought IRC didn’t raise money from the public? Not typically, no, but it doesn’t mean we don’t want to.

So why are you involved again this year? Well, in 2020 , the official spokespeople for #GivingTuesday in the Netherlands are from IRC.

Wow, that’s actually a pretty big deal! I know, which is why I thought we should talk about it.

What will they be spokespeople about then? Well, #GivingTuesday in general in the Netherlands and what other NGOs are doing, but also about the IRC approach too.

The IRC approach…? Seriously!? I explained this twice already last year!

Erm… Sigh. Fine, once again for those at the back. IRC works to improve the systems around WASH - Water, Sanitation and Hygiene before you ask another question – which includes those unsexy elements like monitoring and evaluation, finance, learning and adaptation, rules and regulations and so on.

Not kidding it’s not sexy… No, but it is important. Our campaign for #GivingTuesday reflects this and asks people not to just give blindly, but to take a moment to understand what they are giving to and why. Basically we’re trying to help encourage people to give to initiatives that will make a lasting difference.

Ohhh, so like the ‘teaching a man to fish’ type of thing? Exactly!  And for IRC, systems approaches are essentially the way in which we eventually reduce Aid dependence by empowering people to drive their own change.

Getting a bit nerdy now… Sorry, I got carried away.

S’OK. Last question, you said the # was important, why? Ah! Glad you remembered, yes, the # in front of #GivingTuesday and #Watdoejij for the Dutchies is super important as that’s the way we can track how many people talked about and shared information on the day itself.

So you’re hoping it’ll be even more successful than last year? Of course, and it will be! We’ve got some great spokespeople!

Nice, well, maybe 2020 will end with some good news. Maybe it will.

Do say: #GivingTuesday all the way

Don’t Say: Stop counting the #hashtags…


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