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Published on: 06/03/2019

Isn't that just poo and hand-washing? It's a bit more complicated than that

Well, water and sanitation is instrumental to the implementation of integrated development solutions

Say what? It's important to think about both water and sanitation when making any plans in all sectors and regions as it is needed for everything.

Well of course. You say that but to date in urban areas of developing countries delivering services across a whole city is very difficult due to a number of factors including, lack of resources, lack of institutions and providing affordable services at scale. Not to mention that in rural areas most work has concentrated on building new toilets and therefore only considers the user and containment elements of the sanitation service chain.

And why are we focusing on this? The sustainable development goals updated the millennium development goals and now include targets (6.2) for safely managed sanitation, which includes handwashing and (6.3) safely treated wastewater. This means we need a joined up approach to sanitation services at both national and sub-national areas.

Erm, remind me, the sustainable development goals? The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Of course. And they have been expanded for sanitation and hygiene from the previous Millennium development goals

Back to what you were talking about, what about rural areas? I'm glad you asked! In both urban and rural areas delivery systems for sanitation need to tackle a lot of challenging issues including lack of institutional arrangements, financing, regulation, accountability, and the right technology mix.

Right, and what are we doing about this? Well, in the side sessions during the systems symposium we'll be exploring fresh thinking to both urban and rural sanitation and hygiene.

Tell me more! We start with an introduction to the overarching theme of sanitation systems thinking and then starting talking in more detail about systems challenges before exploring how to strengthen sanitation and hygiene within WASH systems and markets.

Do say: Tell me more about systems approaches to urban and rural sanitation and hygiene

Don't say: What about CLTS?


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