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Budds, J., Biran, A., and Rouse, J., What's cooking : a review of the health impacts of indoor air pollution and technical interventions for its reduction, vol. no. 512. GARNET Global Network Centre, WEDC, Loughborough University of Technology, Loughborough, UK, p. iv, 41 p. : boxes, fig., tabs., 2001.
United Kingdom. Department for International Development -GB, DFID, Working together : the sharing of water and sanitation support services for small towns and villages, vol. no. 510. Water, Engineering and Development Centre, Loughborough University of Technology, WEDC, Loughborough, UK, p. iii, 36 p. : fig., tabs, 2001.
RAWOO -The Hague, NL, Coping with globalization : the need for research concerning the local response to globalization in developing countries, vol. no. 20. The Hague, The Netherlands: Netherlands Development Assistance Research Council (RAWOO), 2000, p. 30 p. + 20 p. annexes : tab.
Murray Shrestha, A.B., Developing strategies to improve latrine coverage : a follow-up survey of NEWAH's rural sanitation projects 1991-1995. Nepal Water for Health (NEWAH), Kathmandu, Nepal, p. 51 p. : 11 fig., 2 tab., 2000.
Waddell, S., Emerging models for developing water systems for the rural poor : from contracts to co-production. Business Partners for Development (BPD) Water and Sanitation Cluster, London, UK, p. 26 p. : 3 fig., 4 tab., 2000.
Collins, S., Hand-dug shallow wells, vol. no. 5. St. Gallen, Switzerland: SKAT (Swiss Centre for Development Cooperation in Technology and Management), 2000, p. 92 p. : boxes, fig., tab.
Bhatnagar, S. and Schware, R., Information and communication technology in development : cases from India. New Delhi, India: SAGE Publications, 2000, p. 230 p. : 31 fig., 5 tab.
Association Général des Hygiénistes et Technicien Municipaux (AGHTMA), Paris-FR, Les stations de pompage d'eau. Lavoisier, New York, NY, USA, p. 418 p. : fig., tabs., 2000.
PROTOS -Gent, BE, Agence pour la Coopération Technique Integrée, Manuel de topographie destiné aux hydrotechniciens. Gent, Belgium: PROTOS (Agence pour la Coopération Technique Integrée), 2000, p. 152, 4 p. : fig.
Lugo, O., Zuleta, J.A., Gutierrez, J.L., and Tapia, J., Mejorando el acceso al agua potable en el Area Andina de Bolivia, vol. no. 1. UNICEF, La Paz, Bolivia, p. 97 p. : 2 fig., 23 tab., 2000.
Pollard, R., Foley, S., and Soedjarwo, A., Of the people, by the people, for the people : community-based sewer systems in Malang, Indonesia : case study. Water and Sanitation Program, WSP, Jakarta, Indonesia, p. 20 p. : photogr., 7 tab., 2000.
DANIDA -Copenhagen, DK, Policy paper water resources management : final draft. DANIDA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Copenhagen, Denmark, p. iv, 40 p. + 13 p. annexes : boxes, 2000.
Arcens, M.-T., Principe de base en matière de lutte durable par le biais de l'approvisionnement en eau potable, l'évacuation des excréta, la gestion de l'environnement et la prévention des risques relatifs à la santé induits par le développement des ressources en eau :. Centre Regional pour l'Eau Potable et l'Assainissement a Faible Cout (CREPA), Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, p. 38 p., 2000.
Tonou, F., Projet d'assainissement : assainissement de la ville de Tchamba, Togo. Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFLA), Lausanne, Switzerland, p. 42 p., 2000.
CREPA -Ouagadougou, BF, Centre Regional pour l'Eau Potable et l'Assainissement a Faible Cout, Projet de recherche. Gestion participative des inondations par l'utilisation des technologies alternatives d'assainissement des eaux pluviales en zone sahélienne. Centre Regional pour l'Eau Potable et l'Assainissement a Faible Cout (CREPA), Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, p. 13 p. : fig., tabs., 2000.
Rossouw, A.M.M. and Crous, P.C., Rapid capacity building for water and waste management at local authority and district council level, vol. no. 982/1/00. Pretoria, South Africa: Water Research Commission, WRC, 2000, p. vii, 86 p. : fig.
South Africa. Department of Education -ZA, Report on the school register of needs 2000 survey. Pretoria, South Africa: South Africa, Department of Education, 2000, p. xii, 129 p. : fig., maps., photogr., tabs.
Wall, K., A resume of World Bank water and sanitation experience of value to South Africa, vol. no. KV 126/00. Water Research Commission, WRC, Pretoria, South Africa, p. xi, 170 p. : 27 boxes, 4 fig., 3 tab., 2000.
Water and Sanitation Program - West and Central Africa - Abidjan, CI, WSP-WCA, Scaling up: lessons learned : the Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Strategic Sanitation Program : draft for discussion - March 2000. Water and Sanitation Program - West and Central Africa (WSP-WCA), Abidjan, Ivory Coast, p. 39 p. : boxes, 14 fig., 8 tab., 2000.
EPA -Washington, DC, US. Office of Water, Technologies and costs for removal of arsenic from drinking water. US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Washington, DC, USA, p. x, 268 p. : 40 fig., 29 tab., 2000.
Union of African Water Suppliers -Abidjan, IC, Union africaine des Distributeurs d'Eau and Congress of the Union of African Water Suppliers -10, Congres de l'Union Africaine des Distributeurs d'Eau -10, Theme no. 3. Innovations in the control of water quality = Theme no. 3. Innovations dans la maitrise de la qualite de l'eau. Union of African Water Suppliers (Union africaine des Distributeurs d'Eau), Abidjan, Ivory Coast, p. 54, 54 p. : fig., tab., 2000.
Servaes, J., Walking on the other side of the information highway : communication, culture and development in the 21st century. Penang, Malaysia: Southbound, 2000, p. xvii, 190 p. : 2 tables, 6 figures, 6 boxes.
Water Research Commission -Pretoria, ZA, WRC, Water Research Commission : technical report 2000. Pretoria, South Africa: Water Research Commission, WRC, 2000, p. 160 p. : photogr.
Chorus, I., Ringelband, U., Schlag, G., and Schmoll, O., Water, sanitation, and health : resolving conflicts between drinking-water demands and pressures from society's wastes : proceedings of the international conference in Bad Elster, Germany, 24 - 28 November 1998. IWA Publishing, London, UK, p. v, 440 p. : fig., tab., 2000.
WaterAid -Kathmandu, NP, Water and Sanitation Program - South Asia -New Delhi, IN, NEWAH -Kathmandu, NP, Nepal Water for Health, and Lumanti Support Group for Shelter -Kathmandu, NP, The water supply and sanitation situation of the urban poor in the Kathmandu Valley : results of a research study. Vol. 1. Main report. Water and Sanitation Program - South Asia, New Delhi, India, p. iii, 40 p. + 1 annex : 1 map, 12 tab., 2000.


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