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World Bank -Washington, DC, US, UNDP-World Bank Water and Sanitation Program : 1997 work plan (January 1997-December 1997). UNDP-World Bank Water and Sanitation Program, Washington, DC, USA, p. 99 p., 1996.
D. Auclair, 1996-2000 cooperation program Burkina Faso, Burkina Faso : country kit = Burkina Faso : dossier pays. UNICEF, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, p. Video (20 min.) + booklet, 40 p.: PAL, 1995.
Philippine Center for Water and Sanitation - International Training Network Foundation -Manila, PH, PCWS-ITNF, Development plan for ITN (Philippines). ITN (Philippines) Training Network Center, Local Water Utilities Administration, Quezon City, The Philippines, p. 47 p. : fig., 1995.
Primary environmental care : hygiene, sanitation, and water supply, in Master plan of operations for a programme of services for children and women in Bangladesh 1996 - 2000, 1995, pp. Chapter 3 (P. 78-99) : tab.
J. E. Rohde, Kumar, A. K. S., and Shanker, U., The progress of Indian states. UNICEF, New Delhi, India, p. iv, 74 p. : fig., tab., 1995.
D. K. D. A. N. I. D. A. - Copenhagen, Project document : international training network centre for water supply and waste management UNDP/World Bank - DANIDA : Bangladesh. DANIDA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Copenhagen, Denmark, p. iv, 25 p. : 1 tab., 1995.
P. Peter, Towards a balanced development in water supply and sanitation, presented at the 1995-03-12, Bern, Switzerland, 1995, p. 4 p.
M. Moynihan, Krhoda, G. O., Klaassen, W., Matagaro, W. O., Mutinda, J. M., and Oyieke, T. O., After the matchbox fell in the waterpot : final report of the review mission to the Rural Domestic Water Supply and Sanitation Programme phase II (RDWSSP/II) Nyanza Province, Kenya, May 24 - June 17 1994. SAWA, Ede, The Netherlands, p. xxx, 58 p. + annexes (ca. 40 p.) : fig., maps, tab., 1994.
World Bank -Washington, DC, US, Gestion des ressources en eau : document de politique generale de la Banque mondiale. Washington, DC, USA: World Bank, 1994, p. 160 p.: 15 boxes, 3 tab.
B. (Province) PK, Occasional paper : adjusting the women's programme. Pakistan, Local Government & Rural Development Dept., Water & Sanitation Cell, Quetta, Pakistan, p. 36 p.: drwngs., tab., 1994.
S. Pieterse, Operational plan for a participatory monitoring and evaluation system for the self-reliance water supply and sanitation programme. Helvetas, Swiss Association for Development and Cooperation, Pokhara, Nepal, p. 22 p.: tab., 1994.
UNICEF -New York, NY, US, Proceedings of the meeting on developing an operational strategy for water & environmental sanitation for child survival protection and development : global WES meeting, Bangalore, India, 25 - 30 March, 1994. UNICEF, New York, NY, USA, p. ii, 63 p.: 1 fig., 3 tab., 1994.
Japan International Cooperation Agency -Tokyo, JP, JICA and GW, G. - B. Direccao G., Rapport de l''etude du plan de base pour le projet d''approvisionnement en eau potable dans la region de Biombo en Republique de Guinee-Bissau. Japan International Cooperation Agency, Tokyo, Japan, p. vi, 178 p. : 30 fig., 63 tab., 1994.
M. Yacoob and Jr., R. L. Duenez, Redirection plan for the health, water, and sanitation project, Mozambique, vol. no. 442. Water and Sanitation for Health Project (WASH), Arlington, VA, USA, p. vi, 35 p.: boxes, 1994.
K. E. World Bank Nairobi, Small towns water and sanitation project : staff appraisal report : Republic of Uganda. World Bank, Washington, DC, USA, p. iii, 50 p. + annexes (ca. 60 p.) 1 map, tab., 1994.
W. F. Fox, Strategic options for urban infrastructure management, vol. no. 17. World Bank, Washington, DC, USA, p. 88 p.: 24 boxes, 1 tab., 1994.
Wand Rural Agriculture and Helsinki, F. I. F. I. N. N. I. D. A. -, Water supply and sanitation project in Ohangwena region : work plan 1995. FINNIDA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Helsinki, Finland, p. 30 p. + annexes (ca. 15 p.) : 1 drwng., 1994.
A. Hoogenboom, Customer and community services component. Community services component draft programme formulation. Netherlands, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DGIS, The Hague, The Netherlands, p. 2 papers: fig., tab., 1993.
F. I. F. I. N. N. I. D. A. - Helsinki, Finnish development cooperation in the water supply and sanitation sector in the 1990's. FINNIDA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Helsinki, Finland, p. 6 p., 1993.
K. E. A. M. R. E. F. - Nairobi, ITN managers : meeting proccedings [proceedings], Safariland Lodge, Naivasha, Kenya, December 1993. Network for Water and Sanitation International (NETWAS), Nairobi, Kenya, p. iii, 60 p.: tab., 1993.
D. General fo DGIS and BD, D. P. H. E. Bangladesh, Management plan for drainage and sanitation. Programme Office, Netherlands Assisted Water Supply & Sanitation Projects, Dhaka, Bangladesh, p. 16 p.: 5 fig., 1993.
N. L. W. H. O. Europ Bilthoven, National Integrated Programme on Environment and Health in Romania (1993-1996). World Health Organization European Centre for Environment and Health, Bilthoven, The Netherlands, p. 60 p.: fig., tab., 1993.
NETWAS -Nairobi, KE, Network for Water and Sanitation, NETWAS report to the ITN meetings and NETWAS advisory board : November 1993. Network for Water and Sanitation International (NETWAS), Nairobi, Kenya, p. 8 p. + 7 annexes: 2 tab., 1993.
M. Mendez, Planning for water and sanitation programs in the Andean Region : 1991 update, vol. no. 336. Water and Sanitation for Health Project (WASH), Arlington, VA, USA, p. xv, 80 p.: 26 fig., 16 tab., 1993.
R. A. Gearheart, Jennings, L., and Rippen, H., Planning workshop for Africare regional water, sanitation, and health project, Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, December 10-15, 1992, vol. no. 393. Water and Sanitation for Health Project (WASH), Arlington, VA, USA, p. v, 136 p., 1993.


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