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N. F. Lightfoot and Maier, E. A., Analyse microbiologique des aliments et de l'eau : guide pour l'assurance qualité. p. 186 p. : fig., tabs.
P. K. Aga Khan H. Gilgit, BACIP house improvements : an overview of new products (end 1999). Aga Khan Planning and Building Service (AKPBS), Gilgit, Pakistan, p. ii, 60 p. + 4 p. annexes : fig., photogr.
R. Sharma and Kumar, N., Capacity building Strategy: Andhra Pradesh rural water supply sector reform pilot projects: an assesment report for water and sanitation program - South Asia World Bank. Centre for Development Studies, UP Academie of Administration, Naini Tal, India.
Philippine Center for Water and Sanitation - International Training Network Foundation -Manila, PH, PCWS-ITNF, Community organizing process guidebook. Philippines, Department of Interior and Local Government, Quezon City, The Philippines, p. 26 p. : ill.
M. Jensen and Esterhuysen, A., Community telecentre cookbook for Africa: recipes or self-sustainability: how to establish a multi-purpose community telecentre in Africa. UNESCO, Paris, France, p. vi, 130 p.
U. States. De US and US, U. States. De, Energy and water for sustainable living: a compendium of energy and water succes stories:. USAID, Washington, DC, USA, p. xii, 124 p. : fig., photogr.
B. E. European C. Brussels, EU Water Initiative: water for live: health, livelihoods, economic development, peace and security: implementing the programme of action of the wssd: working document. European Commission, Brussels, Belgium, p. ii, 23 p.
T. S. Katko and Juuti, P. S., From a few to all : long-term development of water and environmental services in Finland. Kangasala, Finland: KehraMedia, p. 175 p. : 2 boxes, 42 fig., photogr., 10 tabs.
Z. M. Community Lusaka, Guidelines for community participation and health and hyiene education for rural water supply and sanitation. Community Management and Monitoring Unit, Lusaka, Zambia, p. ca. 214 p. : drwngs, fig.
S. Kunst and Kruse, T., Integrating gender perspectives : realising new options for improved water management : cross-cutting thematic background paper. Secretariat of the International Conference on Freshwater - Bonn 2001, Bonn, Germany, p. 30 p. : fig.
I. O. Oenga, Kilifi water supply project: review of project proposal. African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF), Nairobi, Kenya, p. ii, ca. 46 p. : tabs.
J. Walter, Alebon, K., and Klinsky, S., Local governments' response to agenda 21: summary report of local agenda 21 survey with regional focus. International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, Toronto, Ont, Canada, p. 20 p. : fig., photogr.
Philippine Center for Water and Sanitation - International Training Network Foundation -Manila, PH, PCWS-ITNF, Looking back : accomplishments of the ITN-Philippines phase 1 and phase 2. Philippine Center for Water and Sanitation - The International Training Network (ITN) Foundation, Manila, Philippines, p. 23 p. : photogr.
C. Toure and Dossou-Yovo, L., Plan stratégique d'assainissement de la ville de Ziguinchor : "composante gestion des déchets solides municipaux". p. 77 p. : fig., map, tabs.
USAID -Washington, DC, US and Horsley and Witten -Sandwich, MA, US, Source water protection: a training manual for communities in Nicaragua. US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Washington, DC, USA, p. 57 p. : fig., fotographs.
J. Rubinstein, Venezuelan experience : successful tariff structure in Caracas 1993-1999 : special GWP seminar in water pricing, Stockholm August 1999. p. 30 p. : fig.


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