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S. Chankova and Butera, D., Distribution of point of use water treatment product through mutual health organizations in Rwanda : baseline survey results. USAID, Arlington, VA, USA, p. xvii, 37 p. : 3 fig., 17 tab., 2008.
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Land Learn Education, Water safety : making and keeping our drinking water safe : a teacher’s toolkit. Vanuatu: Live and Learn Environmental Education, 2008, p. 36 p.; ill.; tab.; fig.
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E. M. Abraham, van Rooijen, D., Cofie, O., and Raschid-Sally, L., Planning urban water : dependent livelihood opportunities for the poor in Accra, Ghana. International Water Management Institute West Africa Office, Accra, Ghana, p. 13 p. : 2 fig., 4 tab., 2007.
K. G. Villholth, Tsunami impacts on groundwater and water supply in eastern Sri Lanka, Waterlines, an international journal of water, sanitation and waste, pp. p. 8-11 : 2 boxes, 2 fig., photogr., 2007.


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