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A. Poungsomlee and Ross, H., Impacts of modernisation and urbanisation in Bangkok : an integrative ecological and biosocial study, vol. no. 164. Bangkok, Thailand: Mahidol University, Institute for Population and Social Research, 1992, p. vi, 71 p.: 3 fig., 4 tab.
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UNICEF -New York, NY, US, The pressure of fact : community based sentinel surveys. UNICEF, New York, NY, USA, p. Video (26 min.) : SECAM, 1991.
F. Kwaule, Kankhulungo, O. M., Kumwenda, F. S. L., Chandiyamba, B. B., and Chifundo, B., Report on self-evaluation of piped supplies for small communities project Malawi. Malawi, Ministry of Works, Water Department, Lilongwe, Malawi, p. 45, 17 p.: tab., 1991.
J. Besselink, Resultats des etudes socio-economiques et de la consommation d'eau potable dans les trois grands villages Mokko, Dogon Kiria et Kore Mairoua. InterAction Design, Arnhem, The Netherlands, p. 57 p. + annex (6 p.): tab., map, 1991.
J. Hughes, Soci-economic survey, willingness to pay survey, vol. no. 4. Ghana Water and Sewerage Corporation, Tamale, Ghana, p. 20 p., 1991.
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I. N. Indian Hum Delhi, Delhi, I. N. Asian Cent, and IHS -Rotterdam, NL, Institute for Housing Studies, Community participation for sanitary management in an urban slum, Delhi : a case study on Harkeshnagar, vol. no. 24. Indian Human Settlements Programme, New Delhi, India, p. 66 p. : fig., map, tab., 1990.
I. N. All India Calcutta, Course material on : health, socio-cultural & communication aspects of rural water supply and environmental sanitation. ITN Centre, All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, Calcutta, India, p. ca. 150 p.: tab., 1990.
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S. Dyck, Integrated planning and management of water resources : guidance material for courses for engineers, planners and decision-makers. UNESCO, Paris, France, p. ix, 76 p. : 6 fig., 4 tab., 1990.
K. E. Kemper and Guldbrand, K. E., La Malienne : a comparative study of two hand-pump projects in Casamance, Senegal. Linkoping University, Department of Management and Economics, Linkoping, Sweden, p. v, 89, 8 p.: fig., tab., map., photogr., 1990.
D. Macharia and E. Muya, W., A report on NGO information needs assessment carried out in the Pacific/Africa/Asia/Latin America. Environment Liaison Centre International, Nairobi, Kenya, p. 36 p.: tab., 1990.
W. Bengal (St IN and Calcutta, I. N. U. N. I. C. E. F. -, Report on sample survey of low cost sanitary latrines constructed under rural sanitation feasibility study in West Bengal. Calcutta, India, p. 33 p. : 14 tab., 1990.
W. Barron and Leung, C. Ping, Water resources for western provinces of Battambang, Banteay Mean Chey, and Pursat : planning for improved potable water supplies for existing populations of western Cambodian provinces and repatriated refugees from the Thai border. Oxfam, Oxford, UK, p. 27 p. + annexes (ca. 50 p.): fig., maps, tab., 1990.


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