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A. Mathys and Komives, K., Improving peri-urban water supply and sanitation services : early lessons from the El Alto Pilot Project, vol. no. 4. Water and Sanitation Program - Andean Region, La Paz, Bolivia, p. 6 p. : 3 photogr., 2 tab., 1999.
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Z. A. Mvula Trus Braamfontein, Mvula Trust : the use of dry sanitation in the urban environment. Mvula Trust, Braamfontein, South Africa, p. 4 p. : photogr., 1999.
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I. - IN, Programme for children and women in India : plan of operations 1999 - 2002. UNICEF, New Delhi, India, p. 129 p., 1999.
I. Ministry o IN, GB, D. F. I. D. United Kin, and IN, A. Pradesh (S., Project memorandum : Andhra Pradesh rural livelihoods project. United Kingdom, Department for International Development, London, UK, p. ca. 100 p. : boxes, fig., tabs, 1999.
I. N. U. N. I. C. E. F. - Chennai and Chennai, I. N. Tamil Nadu, Project on control of diarrhoeal diseases through water and sanitation, CDD WATSAN, Pulianthope, Chennai : achievement for the period February '96 to April '98. Tamil Nadu Slum Clearence Board, Chennai, India, p. 66 p. + 8 p. annexes : photogr., 1999.
E. Bazalgette and Dechering, W., Promoting self-reliance of rural poor in Bangladesh : programme evaluation PE-80. FEMCONSULT, The Hague, The Netherlands, p. vii, 18 p. + 4 p. annexes :, 1999.
WHO -Geneva, CH, World Health Organization, Rapport de la consultation informelle de l'OMS sur la lutte contre la schistosomiase : Genève du 2 au 4 décembre 1998. World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva, Switzerland, p. 65 p., 1999.
J. C. Heun, Farczadi, L., and de, M. M. Groen, Ravilla - 2 : water resources management roleplay : information to participants. IHE (International Institute for Infrastructural, Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering), Delft, The Netherlands, p. vi, 14 p. + ca. 26 p. annexes : fig., tabs., 1999.
M. Young, Religion and health project evaluation : data analysis and final report. UNICEF, Thimphu, Bhutan, p. 80 p. : fig., photogr., 1999.
M. Tounkara and Doffou, D., Renforcement de la capacité des sociétés d'eau à fournir de manière durable des services d'eau et d'assainissement, de l'éducation en matière d'environnement et d'hygiène aux populations à faible revenus des zones urbaines : etude de cas : côte d'Ivoire :. Centre Regional pour l'Eau Potable et l'Assainissement a Faible Cout (CREPA), Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, p. 77 p. : tabs, 1999.
A. Kumar and Tripathi, S. K., Rural water supply programme in India : people's participation in drinking water supply sector reforms : the emerging scenario. India, Department of Drinking Water Supply, New Delhi, India, p. 5 p. : photogr., 1999.
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WELL -London, GB, Water and Environmental Health at London and Loughborough and Delhi, I. N. T. A. R. U. Leadi, Study of water resources of four districts Andhra Pradesh and study of Nagarjuna sagar supply. p. ca. 75 p. : fig. maps, tabs., 1999.
C. Menard and Clarke, G., Transitory regime : water supply in Conakry, Guinea. World Bank, Washington, DC, USA, p. 52 p. : fig., 1999.
United Nations Systems-wide Initiative on Africa (UNIA) -New York, NY, US, UNSIA water cluster : priorities and strategies for water in Africa. UNEP, United Nations Environment Programme, Washington, DC, USA, p. 36 p. : box, 1999.
G. Howard and Luyima, P., Urban and peri-urban water supply surveillance programme : report on water supply surveillance in ten selected urban areas of Uganda. Water, Engineering and Development Centre, Loughborough University of Technology, WEDC, Loughborough, UK, p. 31 p. : tab., 1999.
D. Lorrain and Defeuilley, C., Urban services and sustainable development : analysis of six experiences in delegated management world. Agence Francaise de Developpement, Paris, France, p. 19 p. : fig., 1999.


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