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V. Fernando, Water supply. London, UK: IT Publications, 1996, p. viii, 72 p.
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German Foundation for International Development -Bonn, DE, DSE and International Board for Soil Research and Management -Bangkok, TH, IBSRAM, The Zschortau plan for the implementation of soil, water and nutrient management research : proceedings of a DSE/IBSRAM international workshop on soil, water and nutrient management research : environmental and productivity dimensions. German Foundation for International Development (DSE), Feldafing, Germany, p. 255 p., 1995.
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N. Espejo, Gender and the management of drinking water supply in low income urban communities in Latin America, in Gender and water resources management : report from a workshop held in Stockholm, 1-3 December 1993. Volume II. The papers presented at the workshop, 1994, p. 9 p. : 3 tab.
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F. R. Syndicat P. Paris, Gestion de l'eau : le modele francais. Syndicat Professionnel des Distributeurs d'Eau & Exploitants de Reseaux d'Assain, Paris, France, p. 27 p., 1994.
F. R. Internatio Paris, International Office for Water international news. International Office for Water, Paris, France, 1994.
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N. Espejo, Nimatuj, O., Sanchez, V., Quinonez, M., F. Ortiz, G., and F. Lopez, I., Modulo[s] para comunidades programa UNEPAR-KfW-IRC. Unidad Ejecutora Programa Acueductos Rurales, Ministerio Salud Publica y Asisten, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, p. 15 vol. (218 p.): ill., 1994.
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N. V. Madhavan, Mohan, M. P., and Kurup, K. B., Sector and utility management of water supply in the Netherlands : a report on the two-week exposure programme for senior Indian officials, April 11 - 28, 1994. Kerala Water Authority, Trivandrum, India, p. 21 p., 1994.


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