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Servicio Nacional de Saneamiento Ambiental -Asuncion, PY, SENASA, Agua potable, primera fuente de salud : unidad de ensenanza. Seccion Audiovisual, Servicio Nacional de Saneamiento Ambiental (SENASA), Asuncion, Paraguay, p. 66 p., 1985.
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S. Laver, Blair latrines builders instruction manual. Blair Research Laboratory, Harare, Zimbabwe, p. 30 p.: fig., 1985.
G. H. Kinnell, A case study on water supply systems in Boera village and evaluation and selection of photovoltaic systems in Central Province, Papua New Guinea : based on two reports. World Health Organization Western Pacific Regional Office, Manila, Philippines, p. 58 p.: fig., tab., 1985.
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C. A. Ruiz, Curso de abasto de agua para poblaciones. Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia, p. 301 p.: fig., 1985.
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C. Hannan-Andersson, Domestic water supply improvements in Tanzania : impact on rural women. S.n., Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, p. 67 p.: fig., 1985.
B. F. C. I. E. H. - Ouagadougou and Paris, F. R. S. A. T. E. C. Deve, Etablissement d'un modele de gestion de stations de pompage sur forages motorises. Comite Interafricain d'Etudes Hydrauliques (CIEH), Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, p. vii,72 p. : fig.,tab., 1985.
N. Zealand. M. NZ, Ferrocement tank construction for a rainwater collection system. New Zealand, Ministry of Works and Development, Directorate of Civil Engineering, Public Health, Wellington, New Zealand, p. 36 p.: ills., 1985.
R. Hahn and Johansson, P., Handpump testing and development: part 5 : the second year-results of completed and ongoing test. Lund University, Institute of Technology, Department of Environmental Engineering, Lund, Sweden, p. 50 p.: fig., tab., 1985.
USAID -Washington, DC, US. Bureau for Africa, Improved water-pumping/water-lifting in Africa planning meeting : August 29, 1985. USAID, Bureau for Africa, Washington, DC, USA, p. 64 p., 1985.
I. N. Richardson Madras, India Mark II deepwell hand pump installation and maintenance manual. Richardson & Cruddas (1972), Chennai, India, p. 68 p.: fig., tab., ill., 1985.
H. E. Perrett, Involving women in sanitation projects, vol. no. 3. World Bank, Washington, DC, USA, p. iii, 39 p.: fig., tab., 1985.
T. Hongvivatana, Leerapan, P., and Chaiteeranuwatsiri, M., Knowledge perception and behavior of malaria. Nakhon Pathom, Thailand: Mahidol University, 1985, p. xii, 129 p.
Union of African Water Suppliers -Abidjan, IC, Union africaine des Distributeurs d'Eau and Libreville, G. A. Societe d', Les bornes-fontaines en Afrique : livre blanc, 3rd Congress of Union of African Water Suppliers and International Water Supply Association : regional conference, Gabon, 10-15 June, 1985 = 3eme congress de l''Union Africaine des Distributeurs d''Eau : conference regionale. Societe d'Energie et d'Eau du Gabon, Libreville, Gabon, p. 88 p. : fig., tab., photogr., 1985.
B. Gay, Anglade, A., Loewe, P., and Sarda, J., Les energies de pompage : approvisionnement en eau et energies renouvelables. Verberie, France: Institut Technologique Dello, 1985, p. 271 p.: fig.
M. Diamanti and Heyn, M., Manual for field workers. Kathmandu, Nepal: UNICEF, 1985, p. 293 p., 7 appendices: graph.
R. Stark and Steiner, U., Manual for the construction of handdug drinking water wells in Sarvodaya villages in Sri Lanka. Helvetas, Swiss Association for Development and Cooperation, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, p. 34 p.: fig., 1985.
R. Stark, Manual for the construction of latrines in Sarvodaya villages in Sri Lanka. Helvetas, Swiss Association for Development and Cooperation, Kandy, Sri Lanka, p. 30 p.: fig., 1985.
I. Ministry o IN, Mid Term Review of Water Decade Programme Conference of Secretaries, Chief Engineers and Heads of Implementing Agencies in charge of water supply and sanitation : proceedings. India, Ministry of Urban Development, New Delhi, India, p. 37 p.: tab., 1985.
M. W. Kirimbai, van Wijk-Sijbesma, C. A., and Pallangyo, E. A. N., Pamoja tupate maji : proposed training programme for MAJI, MAENDELEO and AFYA fieldstaff to assist villages in water, health and water related development. Tanzania, Office of the Prime Minister, Community Development Department, Morogoro, Tanzania, p. 72, 2, 2 p., 1985.


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