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D. K. D. A. N. I. D. A. - Copenhagen, Water, Eand Minera, and Development, W. Affairs an, Danida water project : a handbook containing guidelines for planning and implementation of sustainable rural water supply and environmental sanitation projects in Iringa, Mbeya and Ruvuma regions. MAJI/DANIDA Inter-Region Review Committee, Copenhagen, Denmark, p. c. 200 p.: fig., tab., 1992.
UNICEF -New York, NY, US, Eau, assainissement et education sanitaire : dossier UNICEF de formation : [manuel de participant]. UNICEF Water, Environment and Sanitation Section, New York, NY, USA, p. 8 modules (ca. 650 p.), 1992.
G. T. I. N. D. E. S. A. C. - Guatemala, El agua potable en la Ciudad de Guatemala : memoria : ponencias y conclusiones del I Encuentro Metropolitano "El Agua y la Ciudad" realizado en la Ciudad de Guatemala el 8 de marzo de 1991. Instituto para el Desarollo Economico Social de America Central, Guatemala, Guatemala, p. 86 p.: fig., tab., 1992.
A. Karp, Mata, J., and Brown, R., El colera en Nicaragua una rapida evaluacion de la preparacion del pais, vol. no. 359. Environmental Health Project (EHP), Arlington, VA, USA, p. v, 44 p. + 6 annexes (ca. 40 p.): tab., 1992.
E. S. Staples, Forty years : a learning curve : the Ford Foundation programs in India 1952-1992. Ford Foundation, New Delhi, India, p. 85 p.: 1 photogr., 2 tab., 1992.
R. W. Johnson, Guidelines for cost management in water and sanitation institutions, vol. no. 54. Water and Sanitation for Health Project (WASH), Arlington, VA, USA, p. iv, 39 p.: fig., tab., 1992.
L. K. National W. Ratmalana, Helsinki, F. I. Soil and W., Helsinki, F. I. F. I. N. N. I. D. A. -, and Resources, S. Lanka. Min, Kandy district water supply and sanitation project : phase 1 October 1987 - September 1991 : final report. FINNIDA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Helsinki, Finland, p. ix, 58 p. + appendixes (ca. 30 p.) : ill., fig., 2 maps, tab., 1992.
I. N. Kerala Wat Trivandrum and Madras, I. N. Price Wate, Kerala Water Authority organisation review study : inception report. Price Waterhouse, Chennai, India, p. 48 p.: 1 chart, 9 fig., 1992.
E. C. Instituto Quito, Ley y reglamento de juntas administradoras de agua potable. Instituto Ecuatoriano de Obras Sanitarias, Quito, Ecuador, p. 47 p., 1992.
D. B. Edwards, Rosensweig, F., and Salt, E., Making choices for sectorial organization in water and sanitation, vol. no. 74. Water and Sanitation for Health Project (WASH), Arlington, VA, USA, p. 98 p.: fig., 1992.
J. H. Austin, Anderson, V. H., Gallagher, P. E., and Cullivan, D. E., Management analysis and privatization options of the national water commission, Jamaica, vol. no. 361. Water and Sanitation for Health Project (WASH), Arlington, VA, USA, p. xiii, 109 p.: 1 tab., 1992.
I. N. Euroconsul Bombay, IN, M. (State). D., and DGIS, D. General fo, Management development programme for the government services : a general outline. Euroconsult, Bombay, India, p. iii, 14 p.: 1 fig., 1992.
K. M. Minnatullah and Mallick, A. A., Management information system for water supply and sanitation agencies : the need for strengthening : proceedings of the seminar Abbottabad, November 4-5, 1992. World Bank Regional Water and Sanitation Group South Asia, Islamabad, Pakistan, p. 2 vol., 1992.
UN-HABITAT -Nairobi, KE, United Nations Human Settlements Programme, Metropolitan planning and management in the developing world : Abidjan and Quito. Nairobi, Kenya: UN-Habitat, United Nations Centre for Human Settlements, 1992, p. iii, 137 p.: maps, tab.
N. Directorat NA and Helsinki, F. I. F. I. N. N. I. D. A. -, Namibia water supply and sanitation project in Marula region : project document. FINNIDA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Helsinki, Finland, p. iv, 59 p. + 27 p. annexes: fig., map, tab., 1992.
IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre, The Hague, NL and DGIS, D. General fo, Operation, maintenance and use of rural water supplies in the Indo-Dutch Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Programme : discussion paper. Netherlands, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DGIS, The Hague, The Netherlands, p. 39 p.: fig., ill., tab., 1992.
M. M. Bessalel and M. Barreiro, T., Peace Corps seminar/workshop on solid waste, Quito, Ecuador, vol. no. 371. Water and Sanitation for Health Project (WASH), Arlington, VA, USA, p. v, 49 p., 1992.
R. Laport, Gavin, J., Darling, J., Game, R. C., and Stomberg, C., Performance indicators for selected water supply and sanitation utilities in Ecuador, vol. no. 376. Water and Sanitation for Health Project (WASH), Arlington, VA, USA, p. xii, 174 p.: map, 11 tab., 1992.
D. A. Caponera, Principles of water law and administration : national and international. Rotterdam, The Netherlands: A.A. Balkema, 1992, p. xix, 260 p.
Eand Minera Water and Development, W. Affairs an, Reporting and monitoring on operation and maintenance : Shinyanga region. Tanzania, Ministry of Community Development, Women Affairs and Children, Shinyanga, Tanzania, p. 2 vol. (47, 51 p.): fig., tab., 1992.
N. Department NP, Helsinki, F. I. Plancenter, and Helsinki, F. I. F. I. N. N. I. D. A. -, Rural water supply and sanitation project Lumbini zone : annual report 1991. Plancenter, Helsinki, Finland, p. 62 p. : maps, tab., 1992.
S. Bhatia, Rural water supply schemes of Punjab : rejuventaion of 'execution works' and community participation in 'maintenance works', Journal of Indian Water Works Association, pp. p. 351-354, 1992.
F. I. F. I. N. N. I. D. A. - Helsinki and Water, Eand Minera, Seminar on reorganization of the Makonde Plateau water supply, April 8 - 10, 1992, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania : proceedings. Tanzania, Ministry of Water, Energy and Minerals, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, p. 2 vol. (127 p.), 1992.
J. Lundqvist, Sharing common water resources : a case study on urban expansion and implications for rural and agricultural development. Linkoping University, Department of Water and Environmental Studies, Linkoping, Sweden, p. 16 p.: fig., 1992.
N. Water and Sana'a and Delft, N. L. T. N. O. - D. G. V. In, Sources for Sana'a Water Supply (SAWAS - Project) : progress report 92-3 (no. 12) : report period July - September 1992. National Water and Sanitation Authority, Sana'a, Yemen, p. 5 p., 1992.


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