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S. Chankova and Butera, D., Distribution of point of use water treatment product through mutual health organizations in Rwanda : baseline survey results. USAID, Arlington, VA, USA, p. xvii, 37 p. : 3 fig., 17 tab., 2008.
P. Newborne and Smet, J. E. M., Promoting sanitation and hygiene to rural households : the experience of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region (SNNPR), Ethiopia. RiPPLE, Research-inspired Policy and Practice Learning in Ethiopia and the Nile region, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, p. v, 22 p. : boxes, fig., photogr., 2008.
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P. K. Gallup / B. Islamabad, Report on national KAP study on sanitation and hygiene practices. Gallup / BRB, Islamabad, Pakistan, p. 126 p. : fig., tab., 2001.
A. B. Shrestha, Hygiene practices at NEWAH project sites : the impact of hygiene education. Nepal Water for Health (NEWAH), Kathmandu, Nepal, p. 47 p. : 12 fig., 4 tabs., techn.drwngs, 1998.
I. Department IN, IN, I. Ministry o, and Calcutta, I. N. Operations, A rapid assessment of rural water supply & sanitation for Madhya Pradesh & Uttar Pradesh - draft report. Operations Research Group, Calcutta, India, p. i, 45 p. : fig., tab., 1998.
I. Rajiv Gand IN and Delhi, I. N. Indian Ins, Water and sanitation : a baseline survey : a consolidated report. Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, India, p. 52 p. + annex (ca. 30 p.) : 28 tab., 1998.


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