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M. Chaudhuri and Ghua, S., Removal of arsenic (III) from groundwater by low-cost materials, Asian environment, pp. p. 42-50: fig., tab., 1990.
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K. B. P. N. Jinadasa, Weerasooriya, S. W. R., and Dissanayake, C. B., A rapid method for the defluoridation of fluoride-rich drinking waters at village level, International journal of environmental studies, pp. p. 305-312: fig., tab., 1988.
C. Pieck, Catchment and storage of rainwater. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: TOOL, 1985, p. 52 p.: fig.
J. F. Mazariegos and De Zeissig, J. A. A., Water purification using small artisan filters. Central American Research Institute for Industry (ICAITI), Guatemala, Guatemala, p. 81 p.: fig., tab., 1981.
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