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J. Nabunnya, Mirembe, L., Magara, P., Watsisi, M., and Otim, R., Community management of water services : approaches, innovations from Lango and Rwenzori regions. Kampala, Uganda: IRC Uganda, Sustainable Services at Scale - Triple‐S Uganda, 2012, p. 40 p.; ill.; fig.; tab.
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J. Zita, Naafs, A., and IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre, The Hague, NL, Custos das fontes dispersas em Moçambique : análise dos custos unitários dos contractos de 2009, vol. C 01. WASHCost team, Maputo, MZ, Maputo, Mozambique, p. 6 p.; 3 tab.; 3 fig., 2010.
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S. Arnalich, Abastecimiento de agua por gravedad : concepcion, diseno y dimensionado para proyectos de cooperacion. UMAN Ingenieria para las personas, Castellon, Spain, p. viii, 213 p. : fig., tab., 2008.
C. H. Green Cros Geneva, Green Cross International e-newsletter. Green Cross International, Geneva, Switzerland, 2008.
A. M. Macdonald and Calow, R. C., Drought and community water supplies, Waterlines, an international journal of water, sanitation and waste, pp. p. 14-16 : 2 fig., 2 photogr., 2007.
K. E. Kemper, Implementation completion and results report (ida-31240 swtz-21082) on a credit in the amount of sdr 24.2 million (us$ 44.4 million equivalent) to B.., vol. ICR 000028. World Bank, S.l., p. vii, 66 p.; 4 maps; tab.; fig., 2007.
Cy Saneamie de Vivienda, Mitos y leyendas del agua en el Peru : recopilado por escolares peruanos para las generaciones presentes y futuras. Peru, Ministerio de Vivienda, Construccion y Saneamiento, Lima, Peru, p. 149 p. : ill., 2007.


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