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Cherif, S., El Ayni, F., Jrad, A., and Trabelsi-Ayadi, M., Aquifer recharge by treated wastewaters : Korba case study (Tunisia), Selected contributions from the first WATERBIOTECH conference, from 9-11 October 2012 in Cairo, Egypt, pp. p. 41 - 48; 10 fig.; 1 tab.; 1 box, 2013.
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Water quality and health strategy 2013-2020. World Health Organization (WHO), S.l., p. 15 p.; 2 fig., 2013.
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Petrik, L., Missengue, R., Fatoba, O., Tuffin, M., and Sachs, J., Silver - zeolite nano composite-based clay filters for water disinfection, vol. KV 297/12. Gezina: Water Research Commission, WRC, 2012, p. x, 67 p.; 29 fig.; 19 tab.


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