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Environmental Health Project -Arlington, VA, US, EHP and UNICEF -New York, NY, US. Water and Environmental Sanitation Section, Better sanitation programming : a UNICEF handbook, vol. no. 5. Environmental Health Project (EHP), Arlington, VA, USA, p. vi, 92 p., 64 p. app. : fig. + poster, 1997.
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J. White, Evaluation synthesis of rural water & sanitation projects. United Kingdom, Department for International Development, London, UK, p. iv, 74 p., 1997.
H. Thomas, Schalkwyk, J., and Woroniuk, B., A gender perspective in the water resources management sector : handbook for mainstreaming, vol. no. 6. Stockholm, Sweden: SIDA, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, 1997, p. 34 p. : 2 boxes, 1 fig., 1 tab.
U. J. Blumenthal, Manderson, L., and Almedom, A. M., Hygiene evaluation procedures : approaches and methods for assessing water- and sanitation-related hygiene practices. Boston, MA, USA: International Nutrition Foundation for Developing Countries, 1997, p. iv, 122 p. : 25 boxes, 6 fig., 3 pl., 4 tab.
J. Lundquist and Sandstrom, K., Most worthwhile use of water : efficiency, equity and ecologically sound use : prerequisites for 21st century management, vol. no. 7. Stockholm, Sweden: SIDA, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, 1997, p. iii, 27 p. : boxes, fig.
J. P. Padmasiri and Priyantha, N., Proceedings : prevention of fluorosis in Sri Lanka. University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, p. 69 p. : fig., tab., 1997.
A. Clacherty, Clacherty, G., and Adatia, R., Review of water and sanitation related health education and promotion activities in South Africa : final report. Clacherty & Associates Education Consultants, Johannesburg, South Africa, p. xiii, 148 p. : fig., ill., tab., 1997.
S. E. Stockholm Stockholm, Safeguarding water resources for tomorrow : new solutions to old problems : proceedings sixth Stockholm Water Symposium, 4-9 August 1996, Stockholm, Sweden, vol. no. 6. Stockholm Water Company, Stockholm, Sweden, p. 336 p. : fig., tab., 1997.
T. J. Casey, Unit treatment processes in water and wastewater engineering. Chichester, UK: Wiley, 1997, p. xii, 280 p. : fig., photogr., tab.
N. R. Mudege and Taylor, P., Urban sanitation in Zimbabwe and the relation to environmental pollution. Institute of Water and Sanitation Development, Harare, Zimbabwe, p. 33 p. : 2 fig., 13 tab., 1997.
M. Kay, Franks, T., and Smith, L., Water : economics, management and demand. E & FN Spon, London, UK, p. viii, 422 p. : fig., tab., 1997.
S. Africa. De ZA, White paper on a national water policy for South Africa. Pretoria, South Africa: South Africa, Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, 1997, p. i, 37 p. ill.
I. Rajiv Gand IN, Report of the national expert committee on technological options for implementation of rural sanitation programme in India. Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission, New Delhi, India, p. iv, 91 p. : drwngs., tab., 1996.
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