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J. Verhagen, Kvarnström, E., Nilsson, M., Srikantaiah, V., Ramachandran, S., and Singh, K., The business of the honey-suckers in Bengaluru (India) : the potentials and limitations of commercial faecal sludge recycling : an explorative case.., presented at the 2012-01-01, The Hague, The Netherlands, 2012, p. 16 p.; 10 tab.; 7 fig.
E. Kvarnström, Verhagen, J., Vishwanath, Singh, K., and Ramachandran, S., Commercial productive use of faecal sludge : videofilm presented at the Asia regional sanitation and hygiene practitioners workshop, Dhaka, Banglade.. The Hague, The Netherlands: IRC, 2012, p. video (51 min :34 sec.).
A. Opel, M. Bashar, K., and M. Ahmed, F., Faecal sludge management in Bangladesh: an issue that needs urgent attention , presented at the 2012-01-31, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2012, p. 9 p.; 12 tab.
E. Kvarnström, Verhagen, J., Nilsson, M., Srikantaiah, V., Singh, K., and Ramachandran, S., Honey-suckers: sanitation systems without pipes, eco-san at work?. IRC, The Hague, The Netherlands, p. 41 slides, 2012.
Productive sanitation : the honey suckers of Bengaluru, New agriculturist, p. 1 p.; 3 photographs, 2012.
K. Gjefle, The sustainable sanitation design concept for sludge treatment for cities in Africa : a paper presented at the second conference on developments in.., presented at the 2012-10-29, Oslo, Norway, 2012, p. 7 p.; 1 fig.
J. Harrison and Wilson, D., Towards sustainable pit latrine management through LaDePa : a paper presented at the second conference on developments in faecal sludge management i.., presented at the 2012-10-29, S.l., 2012, p. 10 p.; 2 fig.
E. Tilley, Lüthi, C., Morel, A., Zurbrugg, C., and Schertenleib, R., Compendium of sanitation systems and technologies. Duebendorf, Switzerland: Swiss Federal Institute for Environmental Science and Technology (EAWAG), 2008, p. 158 p. : fig.
M. K. C. Sridhar, Coker, A. O., and Martins, E. A., Management of septic sludge in southwest Nigeria, in Towards the millennium development goals - actions for water and environmental sanitation : proceedings of the 29th WEDC conference, Abuja, Nigeria, 2003, Loughborough, UK, 2003, pp. P. 13-15 : 2 tab.
M. Cacanoski, Small-scale wastewater and faecal sludges treatment and management in low-income rural and peri-urban communities in developing countries : participation of small-scale private sector and community based organizations. IRC, Delft, The Netherlands, p. 52 p. + 7 p. annexes, 2003.
M. Strauss and Montangero, A., FS management : review of practices, problems and initiatives. Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries (SANDEC), Duebendorf, Switzerland, p. 73 p. : 5 boxes, 18 fig., 15 photogr., 15 tab., 2002.
J. Brodersen, Juul, J., and Jacobsen, H., Review of selected waste streams : sewage sludge, construction and demolition waste, waste oils, waste from coal-fired power plants and biodegradable municipal waste, vol. no. 69. European Environment Agency (EEA), Copenhagen, Denmark, p. 48 p., 2002.
Naturgerechte Technologien, Bau- und Wirtschaftsberatung -Frankfurt, GE, TBW, Treatment of tannery wastewater. German Appropriate Technology Exchange (GATE) /Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), Eschborn, Germany, p. 11 p. : 3 fig., 1 photogr., 3 tabs., 2002.
G. D. Rose, Community-based technologies for domestic wastewater treatment and reuse : options for urban agriculture, vol. no. 27. International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Ottawa, Ont, Canada, p. v, 75 p. : 3 tab., 16 fig., 2000.


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