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R. Mathews, Sustainable development through water footprint assessment. Water Footprint Network, Enschede, The Netherlands, p. 18 slides, 2015.
IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre, The Hague, NL, Achieving sustainable rural water supplies at scale : a principle-based approach. Sustainable Services at Scale : Triple‐S Ghana, Accra, Ghana, p. 5 p.;1 tab.; 1 fig.; 2 boxes, 2012.
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R. V. Reddy and Batchelor, C., Cost of providing sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services : an initial assessment of a life-cycle cost approach (LCCA) in rural An.., Water policy : official journal of the World Water Council, pp. p. 409 - 429; 10 fig.; 4 tab. , 2012.
S. Ganguly, India : a country case study in rural sanitation. S.n., S.l., p. 6 p.; ill.; photographs, 2012.
World Bank -Washington, DC, US, Information and communications for development : maximizing mobile 2012. The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development : The World Bank, Washington, DC, USA, p. xviii, 221 p.; ill.; fig.; tab.; boxes, 2012.
IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre, The Hague, NL, L’apprentissage sectoriel pour des services d’AEPHA pérennes en constante amélioration. IRC, The Hague, The Netherlands, p. 4 p.; 2 fig.; 1 tab., 2012.
S. Smits, Lockwood, H., Le Gouais, A., Schouten, T., Duti, V., and Nabunnya, J., A principle-based approach to sustainable rural water services at scale : moving from vision to action, Triple-S Working Papers, vol. 1. IRC, The Hague, The Netherlands, p. 49 p.; 5 tab.; 1 fig., 2012.
K. Gröber, Crosweller, D., Schröder, E., Kappauf, L., Surridge, T., Panchal-Segtnan, A., and Zurbrugg, C., Sanitation as a business. Sustainable Sanitation Alliance, SuSanA, S.l., p. 8 p.; 4 fig.; 2 boxes, 2012.
P. Thomson, Hope, R. A., and Foster, T., Is silence golden? Of mobiles, monitoring, and rural water supplies, Waterlines, an international journal of water, sanitation and waste, pp. p. 280 - 292; 1 fig., 2012.
C. Howe, Butterworth, J., Smout, I., Duffy, A. M., and Vairavamoorthy, K., Sustainable water management in the city of the future : findings from the SWITCH Project 2006-2011. Delft, The Netherlands: UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, 2012, p. 182 p.; ill.; 9 tab.; 12 fig.; boxes; photographs.
V. Duti, Tracking functionality for sustainability, presented at the 2012-04-24, The Hague, The Netherlands, 2012, p. 11 p.; 3 tab.
D. Silva C. Wells, Lieshout, R., and Uytewaal, E., WASH sector learning : continuous improvement for services that last. IRC, The Hague, The Netherlands, p. 6 p.; 2 fig.; 1 tab., 2012.
IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre, The Hague, NL, Water and sanitation services at scale : meeting the challenges of sustainability : summary of a meeting in London on january 31, 2012. S.n., S.l., p. 18 p.; 6 fig.; 7 boxes; 1 map; photographs, 2012.
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation -Seattle, WA, US, Water, sanitation and hygiene : reinvent the toilet challenge. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle, WA, USA, p. 2 p.; 1 box, 2012.
IRC, Water sector scan of the Sunyani West district - Brong Ahafo region. IRC, The Hague, The Netherlands, p. 13 p.; 1 tab.; 2 fig., 2012.
C. R. G. Community Group, The basics of financial management for small-community utilities. Rural Community Assistance Partnership Inc., RCAP, Washington, DC, USA, p. 38 p.; 8 tab., 2011.
D. Zoungrana, Burkina Faso : L’alimentation en eau en zones rurales : evaluation des progrès vers la prestation de services durables, Triple-S Country Studies. IRC, The Hague, The Netherlands, p. xviii, 48 p.; 6 fig.; 10 tab., 2011.
J. Rojas, Zamora, A., Tamayo, S. P., and García, M., Colombia : abastecimiento de agua en zonas rurales : experiencias en la prestación de servicios sostenibles, Triple-S Country Studies. IRC, The Hague, The Netherlands, p. 107 p.; 18 tab.; 25 fig.; 4 photographs; 1 box, 2011.
M. R. Baskovich, Domestic private sector participation in Peru : sanitation markets at the bottom of the pyramid : a win-win scenario for government, the private sec... Water and Sanitation Program (WSP), WSP, Washington, DC, USA, p. 8 p.; 6 fig.; 5 photographs, 2011.


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