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Islam, S., Alam, M.J., Sadique, M.A., Nair, G.B., Sack, D.A., Rahman, M.A., Kabir, M.S., Khan, S.I., Ekramullah, M., Sack, R.B., Huq, A., and Colwell, R.R., Faecal contamination of a fish culture farm where hospital wastewater grown duckweeds are used as fish feed, in Ecosan : closing the loop in wastewater management and sanitation : proceedings of the international symposium, 30-31 October 2000, Bonn, Germany, 2001, pp. P. 289-298 : 4 fig.
Islam, M.S., Alam, M.J., Khan, S.I., and Huq, A., Faecal pollution of freshwater environments in Bangladesh, International journal of environmental studies, pp. p. 161-165 : 1 fig., 1 tab., 1994.
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