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We're making progress

Banfora district (population: 179,000) is progressing well with the implementation of its district water, sanitation and hygiene master plan. These actions have resulted in 31% of Banfora’s population having access to safely managed drinking water services and to move a good portion of the population from unimproved services to limited services, increasing the rate from 0.1% in 2017 to 22% in 2020.

Working in collective action behind a shared vision

IRC Burkina Faso has been supporting the municipality of Banfora in the formulation of the master plan since 2017. This process involved many stakeholders - gathered behind the vision of universal access to water, sanitation and hygiene for the people of Banfora and included WaterAid, the Consumers' League, Catholic Relief Services Burkina Faso, Eau Vive, the Regional Directorate for Water and Sanitation (Cascades), the Association for the Socio Economic Development of Cascades Region, school directors, service providers, and the Association of Water Users. 

Meet the people we work with

Learn how it all started with a vision to keep kids in schools, to build healthier communities, to transform lives. Together.

Read District Case Study: Banfora and learn about the process, progress and outcomes and the partnership. Download the district WASH master plan. Lear more about Banfora.

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