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If this is all you need to wash your hands...then this is a health service.

Without water, soap is useless.

And without safe water, washing your hands puts you at risk of contracting a host of diseases - a risk almost a billion people take.

Since no-one wants Coronavirus or anything else on their hands, the only effective solution relies on building strong water and sanitation systems. Because this is what it takes to keep safe water flowing for everyone. Not one-off parts, like a bar of soap or a pump.

In fact, systems are critical to any health response to the pandemic, because they unlock the capacity to wash and live safely at home, in schools, clinics or at work.

Some may question how long this will take. Yet the big question is how long can the world and the global economy survive without effective water and sanitation systems, before the next pandemic hits?

Join us in demanding a systems response to the current health emergency.

If not now, when?

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