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Once the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) reach the target year of 2015, a new period of global monitoring for the WASH sector will begin. Over the last 20 years, discrepancies between data from the Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) on water and sanitation in the MDGs, and the water and sanitation data from national WASH sectors has often caused confusion and debate—the information did not match. Defining post-2015 targets and indicators means ensuring alignment of global and national data sets. How can we guarantee that different global/regional monitoring systems – such as the UN-Water GLAAS, Country Status Overviews (CSO), Sanitation & Water for All’s High Level Meeting commitments, and the African Ministers' Council on Water (AMCOW)’s regional pan-African monitoring – all align with national monitoring systems set out by various countries?

Topic 6 will present different global/regional and national monitoring initiatives and discuss the challenges of alignment, coordination, and priority setting for post-2015. We will investigate important questions including: what can be done to improve alignment and better use of global data in countries? How can global monitoring systems strengthen monitoring at the national and sub-national levels? Is there overlap and duplication between global monitoring systems? Is valuable data lost or overlooked by having too many monitoring systems? Where should priorities be set? Where is monitoring most needed, for which purpose, and for whom?

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