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IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre has been actively involved in Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) since its initiation in 2009. Initially IRC was a member of the Interim Core Group (ICG) and since 2011 IRC is an elected member in the SWA steering committee.

The SWA steering committee comprises of 21 members, representing SWA's six constituencies. Erma Uytewaal of IRC represents the ‘Research and Learning’ constituency on the steering committee. IRC participated in both SWA High Level Meetings and is currently preparing to participate in the upcoming Partnership Meeting in November 2012 by reviewing the draft documents as the High Level Meeting options paper (see link below).

In the SWA ‘Research and Learning’ constituency, IRC is advocating for strengthening the sector knowledge base and for enhancing in-country capacities for reflective learning. These approaches are reflected in both the background paper on country support processes as well as in the National Planning for Results Initiative (NPRI) documents.

Through its country programmes IRC has also actively supported the country delegations of Ghana, Burkina Faso and Mozambique to prepare for the Second High Level meeting of April 2012 and provides continued support in implementation of the national commitments in those countries.

Through its programme in Latin America IRC is also engaged in promotion of the partnership in Latin America countries.


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